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Join Now

Thank you for your interest in joining the area’s only member and donor supported community makerspace!

We are temporarily CLOSED to non-members for remodeling and relocation!

Existing members still have access to our equipment and tools, while we relocate to a new more FABulous facility at Columbus State University!


The FABlab at CSU!




Talk to your tax advisor to see if your donations or contributions are tax advantaged.

In order to reduce our costs and provide our community with access to the greatest possible resources at the lowest possible cost, ColumbusMakesIT (CMI) chooses self-enrolled, automatic PayPal subscriptions for timely, easy, member-directed payment flexibility.

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ColumbusMakesIT PayPal Membership Payment Policy

Member Directed Payments

Since you choose the date you sign up, the amount and funding source, we think we have a very fair policy of 2 chances to get it just right. Like in baseball, three 3 strikes and you’re out!

Unlike most gym memberships, (we know!) we don’t want your money if you don’t find value in what we offer. We challenge you to find another creative space offering the amenities we offer, access to equipment, talented and knowledgeable expertise with mentors and collaborators willing to help like our very special CMI members.

But Sometimes Bad Things Happen to Good People…

We know sometimes there’s too much month at the end of the money.  (Trust us, we KNOW! 😊)  One of the reasons we like PayPal is that they try to help you out…

If on the day your subscription is due you do not have funds to cover your low subscription rate, Strike 1.  PayPal will automatically try to pull your subscription amount over the next 3-5 days without penalty, fees or changing your due date while keeping your subscription in force.  If the money is there, all is good.  (Phew!)

If not, Strike 2.  PayPal cancel’s the subscription, which technically suspends your account.  Rather than send you a nastygram, the nicest thing we know to do is let you re-subscribe within seven (7) days to keep your valuable CMI membership active.  How cool is that?

If you have not re-subscribed by the 8th day, Strike 3.  Your CMI membership is terminated and your access revoked.  By this point you have caused two administrative interventions by the Queen of the Makerspace.  If you want to become a member again, you must don a traffic safety cone upon one’s noggin whilst you plead your case before the Grand Maker Jury which meets biannually, or simply pay a $50 “I’m-sorry-I-made-you-do-that” re-subscription fee.  (If it were us, we’d just pay the fee — Those traffic cones are heavy and hurt!)